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The desire to become a Marine burned deep within me from a young age. I longed for the sense of brotherhood and unwavering loyalty that came with serving in the armed forces. The motto “Semper Fidelis” resonated with me, embodying the dedication and devotion that Marines hold for their country and each other.

Driven by this passion, I enlisted in the Marines with a deep sense of purpose. I wanted to be a part of the rich tradition and culture that defined this storied branch of the military. I embraced the nicknames “gyrene,” “jarhead,” and “grunt,” knowing that they represented not just a job, but a way of life.

My time in the Marines was marked by sacrifice, hard work, and an unyielding commitment to my fellow Marines. Even now, long after my retirement from active duty, the values and ideals instilled in me during my time in the military continue to guide my work and my life. I am proud to have served as a Marine, and to have been a part of such an honorable and dedicated brotherhood.


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